What the Experts say

“TimeTokens are a brilliant way to teach healthy screentime habits”

Sue Palmer, Consultant on Primary Education and author of 'Toxic Childhood'


"I highly recommend TimeTokens.  What are you waiting for?  The solution is here!”

Sue Atkins, Parenting Expert for ITV This Morning & author of ‘The Can-Do Kid Journal for SuperHeroes'


“TimeTokens is a small, simple, beautifully designed product that teaches children the key life skill of moderation…”

Helene Jones – ex-SENCO and owner of Assessment Tuition


" I applaud this product that helps children AND parents to manage their screen time together”.

Lucy Watts, Education Consultant and ex-Head of Eaton House School, London


“I was banging my head against a wall with my son’s excessive screentime until TimeTokens arrived…”

Dr Nanda Sheehan, Psychologist and ex-SENCO