Special Offer for Schools

The stunning feedback from teachers who've seen such positive changes in their pupils has set us on a mission to ensure that every child under 10 is given the opportunity to learn a healthy screentime balance.

Schools benefit from children using TimeTokens at home.  Kids are

  • Less tired and more positive
  • In a better mindset for learning
  • Find it easier to concentrate and focus
  • Start to use their imagination more and be more creative

They also help teach children a number of life skills including:-

  • self-discipline
  • responsibility
  • patience 
  • negotiation

Parents find it helps by:

  • boundaries removes arguments
  • reduces stress
  • encourages communication 
Our special TimeTokens Pack Offer to schools:
Buy 30 packs @ £14.50 per pack
Buy 60 packs @ £13.00 per pack
Buy 90 packs @ £11.50 per pack
 (inc VAT)

The TimeTokens packs special offer for schools

Each pack includes : TimeTokens orange wallet with 2 sections & velcro closure and personalisation card, 19 TimeTokens Cards, Countdown Timer, Golden Ticket, Screentime Advisory Guidelines, Promise Contract, introduction to the Frazzles.