Our Work with Schools

Here at TimeTokens we're so proud to be working with the Department of Education in LBHF, empowering primary school children to learn a healthy screentime balance. It’s been so rewarding to hear the positive feedback from the children as well as their parents,

85% of the parents told us they worry about their children's screentime. Assistant Director of Education Jan Parnell said “I worry about the addictive nature of screentime, and if we don't teach ourselves how to limit it, our children are not going to be able to limit it either.  TimeTokens has been a really creative tool to address this issue and teach a healthy screentime balance”

school children with timetokens

Melcombe School headteacher Wayne Leeming said screentime “had become a bit of a hidden problem, but as soon as we offered a solution, people jumped at it.” LBHF Project co-ordinator Sam Lord said children had embraced the TimeTokens idea. “It works really well because kids feel in charge, making their own choices and learning to regulate their screentime,” she said.


“Parents reported an end to arguments and stress as well as enjoying spending more time doing things off line together,” said Sam. More than 80 per cent reported their children were less grumpy.

Teachers reported positive changes in students attitudes:-

  • Increased creativity & use of imagination
  • Calmer behaviour, less tired or grumpy
  • More alert, higher levels of concentration
  • In a more positive mindset for learning

 Work at a school?  Download our special offer for schools PDF here