Meet the team

Amanda Bucknall - Founder

Amanda is one of those brilliant entrepreneurs who can paint both the big picture but also join the dots.  Her idea for TimeTokens was born out of frustration, but is rooted in fun – for the child, for the family, and for The Frazzles.  She makes sure that all our production and distribution boxes are properly ticked, whilst spinning all the other plates that any start-up founder has to keep in the air.  She has previously developed ideas for TV programmes as a freelance producer for BBC, Sky and a host of independent production companies.  In her early 20's she started a sandwich-making venture which she successfully sold and after Harry and Wilfred were born she helped her husband Simon run his bicycle servicing business.  

Claire Denholm – Partner

Claire is the brand and marketing partner who believes that TimeTokens are not just a pack of cards that drop through your letterbox.  They are a route to helping families encourage young children to enjoy their screentime whilst understanding it has a beginning, middle and end.  And that when it ends, there are so many other wonderful th-INGs to be explored, all of which are good for childhood health and wellness. Claire’s background includes marketing roles at EMI, Accolade, Barnardo’s and Blockbuster. Since 2001, Claire has run her own communications consultancy, smart resource.

 We are suppported by an amazing bunch of freelancers

Jenni Young – Digital Doctor.  Jenni helps us to understand everything related to our online traffic.  Where it comes from, how it gets there, what it does en route and how well we are doing.  We don’t really understand everything she says, because sometimes we go a bit analogue.  But she nails things like Google Analytics and we love her for it.

Christine Wong – Facebook Genius. Before becoming the architect of our Facebook and Pinterest pages, Christine was a fantastic sounding board for Amanda in the run-up to launching TimeTokens. She has since taken our Facebook baton and run with it across the web.

Jenny Staveley – Tweeter/Gramm-er. Jenny left university last summer and is currently working for a social media company whilst grilling her 11-year old brother for ideas on TimeTokens. JennySocial, as we call her, fuels our Twitter and Instagram feeds in her free time. 

Catherine Turner – Design Guru. Catherine, our fabulous designer, has created all our collateral, from the TimeTokens logo to every one of The Frazzles by way of clouds, lightning bolts and flowers.  Nothing is too much to ask of her, as she discovers once again that we can’t find the high-res version of Splodge…

Alexa  Kidd-May – Photographer. Alexa is the hugely talented face behind the camera that can persuade a tired, hungry seven-year-old to look perky and enthusiastic whilst holding an orange envelope.  This is skill.

Eoin Kelly – Digital Designer. Eoin created the Explainer video, which you can see on our homepage. He seemed to work at every hour of the day and night to make sure it was absolutely right, on time, and on budget.  Eoin rocks.

Conrad Gibbons – Original Web Design (taplondon.com). Conrad, bless him, fell in love with the TimeTokens concept from its early inception. In spite of his busy work - life schedule - he backed us. Conrad worked through Christmas so we could be up and running by New Year’s Day! Oh and his 5 year old daughter helped him.

Harry Bucknall – Head of Screentime. Harry is now 8, a sports-mad schoolboy who loves eat-ING cake, bait-ING his younger brother and cash-ING in his 2.8 hours of weekly screentime.  

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