How it works

Need help to manage your child’s screentime?
Then we have everything you need in one handy pack

 Here’s how it works ….

  • TimeTokens are delivered by post to your child.
  • Inside their pack they’ll find a bunch of stuff including a welcome note, TimeTokens cards, Golden Ticket, Wallet, LCD timer and the all important Promise Contract.
  • You and your child agree the total amount of screentime allowed each week and sign the Promise contract together.
  • Now your child is in charge!
  • Whenever they want some screentime they hand over TimeTokens from their wallet, let’s say the one for 30 minutes, and start their timer. When the timer beeps, that’s the end of their 30 minutes.

    When all the TimeTokens in their wallet are used up, no more screentime until next week when their wallet is filled up again… so lots of time for other stuff!

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