Meet The Frazzles

The Frazzles are a cute, fun loving, playful gang of friends! Just like humans, each Frazzle is unique. They also love their screentime, but don’t like to miss out on all the fun things in life – words which end in 'ING' are fun (VERBS or doing words).

The Frazzles help inspire children to have fun doing things away from the screen when their screentime session is over. You will see the Frazzles on your TimeTokens! They are a fantastic talking point and will inspire you ALL to try new fun "INGS"TimeTokens are available to buy now.

I’m Sparky and I’m Captivatingly Curious
I love find-"ING" out about everything. Did you know that Pilot Fish brush shark's teeth and it's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open? Or a day on Venus is as long as a year on earth - WOW! just off to look through my telescope.. tooddle pip!

Hi I’m Splodge and I'm Awesomely Arty
I love act-"ING", dance-"ING", sing-"ING" and having fun play-"ING" imaginary games. I also love paint-"ING" crazy pictures and make-"ING" anything. Just off to load up my glitter gun! 

Hi I’m Whizz and I’m Super Sporty
Speed is my secret power. From jump-"ING" hurdles to play-"ING" football being fit and having fun is awesome. Just whizz-"ING" off to try out my new trainers...

Hi I’m Wiggle an Avid Adventurer
I love explore-"ING" My favourite thing is make-"ING" cool camps. If I cant go outside I’ll make a camp in my bedroom. I love nature and grow-"ING" things and jump-"ING" in puddles and climb-"ING" trees. Just going to check out my new tree-house :)

Hi I’m Pickle an Imaginative Inventor
I’m pickle by name and a pickle by nature. Invent-"ING" and making things go is epic. I’m experiment-"ING" with wacky flavours for my extra popping pop corn and invent-"ING" a supersonic jet powered lego rocket to take me to the moon. Blast off!

There are lots of great "ING" ideas in the Time token pack. Find out more about "ING's", or buy a pack now!