What age group do TimeTokens work for?

They work best for primary aged children so 5-6 to 9-10 depending on maturity.  People have adapted them to work for 4 year olds and we do have an 11 year old boy who loves them.  If you're not sure if your child is too old/too young, we do offer a full refund if you contact us with within 7 days of receipt and return the product unused. 

How can I get a free personalised letter from The Frazzles to my chid?

Follow this link www.timetokens.com/welcomeletter

How many minutes of TimeTokens should I give my child?

That’s up to you. You have 7 hours in your pack. You can use them all in the weekly allowance or set your own lower limit.

What counts as screen time?
Screen time is any time your child spends on any screen or device for fun. Such as ... i-pad, phone, computer, play station, TV, laptop, DS…

Do you count homework as screen time?
No that might be a little mean of us!

How will I remember to give my child their TimeTokens allowance every Friday?
Sign up for our text or email reminder for 7.30 am every Friday morning.

When can TimeTokens be used?

We keep it to not before school and not less than half an hour before bedtime – but you set your own house rules

What do I do with a TimeToken when my child has traded it in?

Put the used Time Tokens away to be re-used on the following Friday-Time Token day.

Why is ‘TimeToken day’ on a Friday?

It’s the start of the weekend so we have more time for our devices. Leaving the week days for school work!

What sort of treats can we do for the Golden Ticket Time Token?
Anything that doesn’t cost money! Playing a game, a nature walk, family meal, watching a movie together – we try and make it something that we are doING together.

How can I find out more about the Frazzles?

Click here to Meet the Frazzles

What happens when my child has used up their Tokens for the week and wants more?
It’s very important that when this happens you don’t give up. When the TimeTokens are up the screen time is up. His first week, Harry used all his tokens by Monday, he spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday really frustrated but I didn’t give in. When he got his new allowance on Friday he remembered not to ‘spend’ them all at once! (He had learnt Time Management!)

How can I help support my child with their TimeTokens?
At first when Harry finished a Token, he would immediately say he wanted to use another one. Suggesting he use a little forward thinking he was able to see that tomorrow he might want to use another token (deferred gratification!). . Plus the Frazzles are brilliant at suggesting other fun things to do.

My children are using a screen together. Do they both “pay”?
They can each trade in some TimeTokens and share the ‘cost’ or if one of your children is feeling generous they can ‘pay’ for their sibling!

What happens if we go away or someone is looking after my child?

TimeTokens travel! Grandparents love TimeTokens, they are so easy to use.

Can I give extra Tokens as a reward and take away as a punishment?

You can adapt and make your own house rules but I would recommend you keep TimeTokens simple and just purely use them to manage screen time.

If my child has TimeTokens left can they carry them over to next week’s allowance?
We don't recommend this. TimeTokens are about managing screen time not adding to screen time!

 How can I buy more TimeTokens?
Visit the Time Tokens online shop now!

What happens if I have a problem with my TimeTokens pack?
Please email customercare@TimeTokens.com as soon as possible.