Our story

It all began with mumpreneur, Amanda Bucknall and her son Harry (then aged 7). Mum and son had a horrid half-term holiday in February 2015 while staying with Amanda’s parents in Kent.  The rain fell, outdoor activities ceased, screentime ruled, and Harry was ‘less than polite’ to his grandparents.

Amanda knew something had to be done, and asked Harry to help.  They put their heads together and created TimeTokens, a simple system that helps children aged 5-10 to monitor and manage their OWN screentime.

Amanda launched the business in December 2015. TimeTokens soon created a really positive buzz with fellow mums and dads.  It also stirred plenty of interest with professionals; osteopaths, GPs, psychologists, teachers and school heads.  All have praised the benefits of empowering children with their own system. As Dr Nanda Sheehan says ‘I may have a PHD in Education, but the TimeTokens pack is of more value to my 9-year old son… It works, because he is in charge.’

To date, every customer review has scored five out of five stars, and we love the testimonials written by parents.

After several months, Amanda realised she might need some extra help to build the TimeTokens business, not least with branding and marketing.  Enter Claire Denholm, thanks to a random web of global connections which included Claire’s friend Jen in San Francisco and Amanda’s brother Jon in San Sebastian. Claire and Amanda finally met in a local coffee shop in July 2016, where Amanda recounted the TimeTokens story. Claire loved it, and the two decided to go into partnership together. And it wasn’t just because their initials spelled ABCD, which seemed a really good start. That said, they are struggling to find additional resource from people called EF, GH, IJ and KL…

Claire and Amanda choosing new pack design. Harry can be seen in the background, doing his best to beat his younger brother to the ground with a plastic sword.

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