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TimeTokens : A Solution to Modern Family Life

TimeTokens : A Solution to Modern Family Life

Remember when life was simple?

You spent all day Sunday playing board games with your family.  Tea time came around and you were allowed to listen to the radio, listening to the top 40 songs, pressing record on your tape deck and your biggest problem was trying to miss the DJ announcing which track was coming up?!

 Yes, life really was that simple people!

timetokens pack

These days we are lucky if we get the kids to look up from the Xbox, Playstation or PC long enough to take a breath!  I was offered the chance to try out Time Tokens which is a wallet full of tokens enabling children to ‘earn’ time on their computer games etc – remember, life should all be about give and take so why shouldn’t we use this as an opportunity to teach our children to work for the things they want in life?

The tokens come in a very bright orange packet with pictures of little monsters on all of the cards which appealed straight away to the children.  The children can earn different time cards meaning that the more they do around the house, well at school etc the more time they can earn.   This is obviously home dependent and is up to each parent on how they wish to control which is great as each home is run differently.

In with the kit is a practical and sturdy little timer which means that the kids can count down how much longer they have left on their games etc.  We found this invaluable as it meant they were off before the timer finished most of the time due to keeping a watch on how long they had left.  They were super proud too when they were off before their time and knowing they had handed in a card for 10 minutes and could earn more seemed to be an incentive to work towards earning more cards too.

I think this would work well for those who find it difficult to limit time on the computer or pc etc and is a great way to teach children that they have to work for the things they want in life.  The girls are at that age now where they are expecting things and about to start taking things for granted, this will be able to help me make them realise you need to work towards the rewards, to work and get treats too.

TimeTokens thank Debbie from CountryheartandHome for the fabulous review.


  • Post author
    Amanda Bucknall

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