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  • So simple but so effective for managing screentime
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So simple but so effective for managing screentime

Time Tokens Review by Playdays & Runaways

I don't know whether it's just us or whether it's just the way of the world at the moment but both our boys are addicted to their devices. Big J would happily play his Xbox or use his phone all day if we let him. Once his school day is done he is itching to get online to play Fifa or COD with his friends and little J is heading the same way except he loves the iPad. We do try and make sure that they only have a specific time using the screen each day but sometimes without even noticing they have used it a lot more than we would like. I recently came across Time Tokens and after reading about them I knew this would help us in what could become a difficult situation.

Created by Amanda, Time Tokens were designed so we could try and keep track at how long our children are using computers, phones, iPads etc. Using the time tokens we can control how much screen time our children use.

Each Time Tokens pack contains 

Time Tokens Wallet - Perfect for your child to take responsibility for their own Time Tokens.

A Timer - Just like a stopwatch.

Time Tokens - They come in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes which we have used for little J.

60 minute Time Tokens are perfect for big J.

Time Tokens Promise Contract - This allows you to work on the expectations of your child and also agree how much screen time / Time Tokens they will be allowed each week.

A Golden Time Token - This will hopefully encourage your child to stick to their side of the agreement. If they do they will get a special reward.

The Frazzles - These are so cute.  Every Time Token features a Frazzle on the reverse. They tell you  all about the thINGS they love to do when they are away from screens.

Instructions - Easy and simple.

How Do They Work?

We have decided to use the Time Tokens for both boys. Big J did feel he was 'too old' for this idea but when I have told him that he does spend far too much time online, he did agree. Also the fact he would get a golden ticket at the end of the week if he stuck to the rules he seemed quite excited.

Both boys have been given a set 'screen time' each week and we have provided them with their time tokens. Every time they have used their devices this week the stopwatch has been put on and they then hand over the correct amount of Time Tokens based on how long they were on.

I have to say that it has worked really well and both boys earned their Golden Ticket. Little J wanted to go the play area so he could do some climbING and big J wanted to go skiING.


What We Loved

The Idea - it's so simple but so effective.

The Design - we love the time tokens they are perfect

The Golden Ticket - All kids like rewards for good behaviour or sticking to the rules.

What Could Improve

We love Time Tokens and honestly couldn't think of anything to change.
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    Alexandra Guisinger

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