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  • SCREAMTIME not SCREENTIME - 9 ghostly activities, recipes & tricks for Halloween
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SCREAMTIME not SCREENTIME - 9 ghostly activities, recipes & tricks for Halloween

SCREAMTIME not SCREENTIME - 9 ghostly activities, recipes & tricks for Halloween

At TimeTokens HQ we've had great fun this week putting together our ultimate list of the favourite things we love doing with our children for Halloween.  Enjoy!

1. Strawberry ghost lollipops

For a slightly more balanced Halloween treat, dip chilled strawberries (on a lollipop stick/toothpick) into melted white chocolate. Then apply candy eyeballs and leave to cool on greaseproof paper.

2. Halloween mystery box

Wrap five or six shoe boxes in black paper or toilet paper with googly eyes (mummy-style), with a hole in the top large enough to insert a hand. Then add a different icky or scary item to each box. As your kids stick their hands into the different boxes, they have to guess what they contain – everyday food items will feel like revolting alternatives with some of these gross ideas:

- dried apricots (ears); peeled grapes (eyeballs); fuzzy pipe cleaners (spider legs); baby carrots (toes); steamed cauliflower (brains); popcorn kernels (teeth); peeled tomato (heart); cooked noodles (guts); dried pasta (bones); potato chips (scabs); cheese sticks (fingers); raisins (warts); over-cooked rice (maggots); peanut butter (ear wax); flaked almonds (finger nails)

3. Mandarin pumpkins

If the idea of pumpkin carving with your kids brings you out in a cold sweat (and visions of an A&E trip), let them loose with a bag of mandarins and some permanent markers – on a newspaper-covered table, of course! They can let their imaginations run riot creating spooky Jack-o’-lantern faces, and the mandarins can then be displayed on the kitchen table or windowsill.

4. Bat bookmarks

If you’re keen on a craft to get your kids excited about books, this bat bookmark craft from Easy Peasy and Fun is a winner. It’s just fiddly enough to keep older kids interested, but not overly complicated (also, it looks just as effective without the additional white paper if you want to keep things really simple).

5. Chocolate breadstick wands

The excellent Family Days Tried and Tested blog (which has fantastic ideas for imaginative screen-free family outings and activities) suggests these ‘dead’ easy wands. Simply dip the ends of breadsticks in melted chocolate, then in any kind of edible, preferably sparkly, sprinkles. Stand up in a glass until hardened, and let the delicious spell-casting begin!

6. Play a trick on your kids

Freeze small plastic spiders in an ice-cube tray, and offer your kids a drink with their dinner (older kids only for obvious choking reasons).

7. And maybe just one more trick…

Dip raw brussel sprouts in melted chocolate and leave to harden. Offer these as an after-dinner treat (but bear in mind that your kids may not trust your cooking again!)

8. Eyeball jelly

With just a packet of jelly, a tin of lychees, and a punnet of blueberries, you can whip up this delicious, yet gross, eyeball jelly.

9. And for the grown-ups…

If you start to lose your sense of humour with all the Halloween costume/face paint/trick-or-treating demands, here’s something to enjoy with a glass of wine at the end of a spooky (but exhausting) day!

Jimmy Kimmel - I Ate All Your Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween everyone!

  • Post author
    Amanda Bucknall

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