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Science Sparks makING science exciting and fun!

Science Sparks makING science exciting and fun!


At TimeTokens love creativity and curiosity which is why we created the Frazzles - a set of characters to inspired children to have fun doing things away from screens. The Frazzles feature on all the TimeTokens. Frazzles love their screentime, but don’t like to miss out on all the fun things in life – or as we call them 'INGs'. 

Try thinking of something with an ING that isn't fun!  paintING, eatING. cookING, raceING, bakeING, giggleING, makeING, codeING, jokeING, swingING, footbalING.. 

We spend quite a bit of time looking at how other people bring INGs to life and the blogosphere is the perfect place to discover brilliant ideas.

We’re starting a new series of blogs in which we are going to pick our favourite bloggers and highlight what they do and why it’s so fantastic. While they’re all unique, they will have one thing in common – they are brilliant ING blogs!

To celebrate British Science Week, we give a big thumbs up to Science-Sparks. It's a veritable whirligig of superb scintillating science experiments for children of all ages for make and do. It’s a great place to find inspiration for family-oriented fun at home with Preschool, Science Early Years Science, Key Stage 1 & 2 covered as well as Kitchen Science and Holidays. The blog has been created by Mum of three Emma, who is passionate about science education and has brought it to life in a very creative, engaging way with lovely illustrations, photos, videos and experiments which have clear lists of what each one entails, instructions, things to look out for and also a few prompts to stretch young minds into thinking things a bit further.

We all know messy play help build hand-eye co-ordination and a degree of confidence in groups, and this blog takes children a step further with brilliant step by step instructions on how to do some really fun experiments. To make a colourful rainbow, you need a few ‘ingredients’ which are easily found around the house including play dough, sand, vinegar and baking soda.

Check out these great posts for some instantaneous inspiration; Coding for Kids Without A Computer and a particular favourite is How to Make a Scribblebot. Plus there’s a whole load of science printables for you to use at home – perfect for half term!

Do you want to be featured as an ING blog? Get in touch here (amanda@timetokens.com)

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  • Post author
    Amanda Bucknall

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