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  • How to have Fun this Summer without Blowing the Budget!
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    Amanda Bucknall

How to have Fun this Summer without Blowing the Budget!

How to have Fun this Summer without Blowing the Budget!

My boys and I have been having a little competition to see what the most amount of fun we can have without not spending too much money, it’s become a bit of a challenge.

As it’s National Play Day we thought we’d celebrate by sharing some of our favourite fun activities.   We call them “ING”s.  Things like dancING, jokING, runnING, adventurING, makING, climbING, plantING, paintING,  buildING, playING, actING, imagING, the list is endless.  Here are some of our faves. 

BulidING –  a firm favourite, whatever the occasion making a camp is always a big hit.  On a sleepover they turn the whole bedroom into a crazy boat/spaceship hanging sheets & duvets from the top of the bunk bed, draping covers over tables, through chairs, they can’t get enough of it.  Hours of fun but, be warned, lots of tidying up afterwards!

Water fightING – this doesn’t need an explanation, just some decent weather J. Choose your weapon; whether it’s a full on supersonic water gun, a plastic bottle, jug, cup or just scooping and splashing with your hands, get the garden hose in on the act too.  Have a blast.

CodeING – not what you’re thinking, this is a non tech version!  Learning how to write your name in code is great fun, whether it’s morse code, semaphore or even making up your own code and sending secret messages to each other. 

DancING – one of our all time favs, a friend of ours has Friday night disco every week in her kitchen, only rule is you have to be wearing your PJ’s, parents have an early drink, kids are ready for bed, and everyone get that Friday feeling for the weekend!

GamING – Host a Games Night.  Everyone chooses their favourite, card game, board game, or other game like eye spy or wink murder.  Make some popcorn and have some good old fashioned fun.

MemorisING – place 10 items on a tray, anything from a piece of fruit or a bit of cutlery, to a leaf or pencil, use your imagination.  Everyone gets 30 seconds to study the items on the, then cover the tray with a tea towel.   Whoever can remember the most items wins!

Day DreamING – This is a great way of also getting the kids to chill a bit and use their imagination.  Lie on your back on a rug in your garden, at the beach, in your local the park. Look at the clouds and see what amazing shapes you can find hidden?  Very often you can find, faces, animals, countries... go where ever your imagination takes you!

Whatever you do this Summer, have lots of fun!

  • Post author
    Amanda Bucknall

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