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  • How not to do a photo shoot with children!
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How not to do a photo shoot with children!

How not to do a photo shoot with children!

Faced one of my biggest fears today, the TimeTokens photoshoot!   I’ve been stressing about it for a while, seesawing between not having enough children to panicking and then asking too many.   The thought of trying to control 12 six year olds in an open space would put the fear of god into most people.  We had the fabulous @alexakiddmayphotography for 2 hours to get around 50 different shots.  Typical me to not keep it easy and just try for 10 shots!

The plan was to meet at 3.30 but of course, I tried to pack in way too much, including getting my hair cut to hopefully get one decent photo of myself amongst the chaos.  I was tearing around like a crazy lady making a full on picnic for all the children, gathering a million props which I knew I wouldn’t need – it’s a bit like my packing for holiday, even those hotpants I bought 20 years ago and have never worn, come just in case! 

So predictably I was late.  I rushed with all my bags only to find i’d left ALL the sandwiches at home!  The children were running wild having been corralled at school all day, which at any other time is exactly what you want, off screens having loads of fun - right?  But not when you're under time pressure.. it was like herding cats, but we managed.  My husband Simon & Harry and some lovely mums  were there to help as well - thank goodness - while I was barking instructions, sweating in the sun, cajoling, bossing, pleading, squeezing  out every last smile.  Despite, some stinging nettle bites, losing a couple of a kids, being told off for trying to poke a child through a hole in a wall of wisteria for a “must have” shot, one bloody knee and a meltdown from Wilfred who decided it was much more fun running around with this friends than having photos taken, it went pretty well!  Oh and apologies to the two girls who thought they’d found a quiet space to do reiki healing and chanting only to be surrounded by 12 children giggling and harmonising “Uummmming” with them!  But from the bug hotel to a paper aeroplane showdown, we covered it all... even managed to get a few shots of myself at the end, although by that time, I probably look like i’ve done 20 rounds with mike Tyson! 

Second half of the shoot tomorrow at Alexa’s house.  Although I know i’ll have another sleepless night about not getting the right shots, at least we’ll be inside at one location and of course I have Alexa taking the photos so I don’t really need to worry.

Wow Alexa has just sent an image through, so happy with it – what do you think?

  • Amanda B

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