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9 of the best Mom Bloggers & Websites

9 of the best Mom Bloggers & Websites

Two great things to celebrate this week. Firstly, TimeTokens has now launched in the USA and Canada on amazon.com, and secondly it's Mother's Day over there this weekend.  In tribute, here are our favourite mom bloggers and websites from across the pond.  Enjoy!

1.Coolmompicks We love, love, love this site, started by 2 mums Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner over 10 years ago. It’s our go-to site for uber cool inspiration.  There is nothing you won’t find, it even has a whole sub-site on food – coolmomeats.  If nothing else check out their "Tips & tricks" and my personal favourite  "Around the House".  if your kids do pack lunches there's also an entire section devoted to cool lunch boxes!  Big hugs from the UK.

2. Kidsinthehouse  Very simply, this site is an amazing parenting resource.  An on-line encylopedia that literally has everything you ever needed to know about parenting. It’s broken down into age categories which makes it super easy to navigate plus it also happens to have the world's largest parenting video library with over 9,000 videos from 500 of the top #parenting experts from all over the US – yup impressive! 

3.Some Day I’ll learn We love this site for its inspiration on travelling with kids.  Chelsea and her husband had 5 children in 4 years (yes, 5 children in 4 years – exhausted just reading that). Amazingly they find fun in the most unlikely places and manage to turn most things (even tedious ones) into an adventure which is a real inspiration.  They’ve even been to Scotland!

4.Design Mom Gabrielle & her husband Ben live in California with their 6 children in their home they call The Treehouse  (you can follow the renovations).  Her site is a complete breath of fresh air.  Once an Art Director and graphic designer, she has created a hub of beauty that’s so clean and fresh with gorgeous images. It’s like flicking through all your favourite interiors magazines – uber stylish – if you need some inspiration for your "crib" this is the place to hang out. 

5.Modern Day Moms Is an award-winning site written by mums with articles centred around the latest trends, crafts, recipes, must-haves and more.  I particularly like their arts and crafts section - the papier mache bowls look great and i'm going to attempt a few with the boys this weekend - perfect Mother's Day gift!

6.Real Mom Nutrition I have to thank Sally for giving me some inspiration for Harry's packed lunch last week.  A qualified dietician, she has some great ideas and fun recipes and totally gets how hard it is to sometimes encourage our little darlings to eat what you want them too!  

7.Suburbia Unwrapped  Love this site for a glimpse into the future and what my life will be like when the boys hit double digits.  Diane is a busy mom with two hormonal teens who is trying to stay sane in the chaos of suburban life in Chicago.  She covers pretty much everything from food, parenting and health to entertainment and looking good.. I particularly love her tip on how to remove armpit odour (under “cleaning”) and her craft tips.

8.The Everyday Mom Life   Rachel is a working mum from Chicago trying to balance her chaotic life like us all. Her creation, The Everyday Mom Life, is a blog and news website about everything that can impact your daily life as a mum. From news that affects your family to product reviews, tips and recipes to personal experiences that make you laugh and cry – it’s got a bit of everything. 

 9.Cafemom  My friend Lucy raves about this site.  She says it’s honest, gritty, funny, wise, practical and uplifting and mirrors motherhood itself. There’s a whole host of contributors and lots of content to keep you going.

 Happy Mother's Day to all of you (and for the Brits, try and wangle an extra lie-in at least, on the basis that you're a bit international!).

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