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  • 7 Favourite Educational Apps – Screentime Fun and Learning Combined!
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7 Favourite Educational Apps – Screentime Fun and Learning Combined!

7 Favourite Educational Apps – Screentime Fun and Learning Combined!

TimeTokens’ 7 favourite educational apps – screentime fun and learning combined!

Using TimeTokens empowers you to manage the quantity of screentime your kids have each week, but it’s also possible to improve the ‘quality’ of their screentime by introducing apps with an educational side. These seven apps are all great fun (so much so that your kids may not even notice that they’re learning…), helping to develop skills, spark creativity, or both!

1. Hit the Button Maths (£2.99)

This simple yet compelling game is designed for kids aged 5-11, with minute-long maths games of varying difficulty. It covers times tables, division, square numbers, number bonds, doubling and halving, with up to 15 player profiles per device (so squabbles between siblings over their high score records can be neatly avoided!)

2. Spellosaur (£3.99 for school edition, free with in-app adverts & more limited functions)

As opposed to other apps that provide a finite list of words to learn, this app allows you to enter your own words – for instance, your child’s weekly spelling list. A series of games helps your child to really get to grips with the spelling of each word, while engaging them in a fun activity at the same time. As it can be as difficult as you need it to be, it’s great for kids right through primary school.

3. Chess for Kids – Play & Learn (free)

This is a fantastic app for both kids who are new to chess, and those who are more experienced. There are videos and puzzles to teach skills and strategies, as well as the Chessbots to challenge your children at all levels. There are even opportunities for kids to play against other kids online, but with strict, full parental controls to keep them safe. Once they’ve sharpened their skills, they might even challenge you to a game offline on an actual chessboard!

4. Mr Thorne Productions (varies between £1.99 for singles & £12.99 for bundles)

From phonics to maths, UK school teacher Mr Thorne takes learning games to new levels of fun for kids throughout primary school. You can opt for single apps focusing on specific aspects of a particular subject, or purchase bundles of apps for a broader approach.

5. Hopscotch: Learn to Code (free)

For older kids aged 9-13, with an interest in coding, Hopscotch is a great introduction to the basics, and allows them to progress with plenty of tutorials and game. Budding programmers can even upload their projects for feedback, and follow their favourite creators.

6. Goldieblox and the Movie Machine (free)

Goldieblox aims to inspire the next generation of female inventors, and this engaging app for kids aged 6-8 teaches them the fundamentals of animation. They can use these skills to create and save their own movies.

7. Everything Machine (£2.99)

For budding inventors aged 9-11, the Everything Machine will spark their imagination and allow them to use a simple drag-and-drop visual coding language to control their device’s various components.

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  • Post author
    Amanda Bucknall

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