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  • 5 gifts to make every day Mother's Day
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    Amanda Bucknall

5 gifts to make every day Mother's Day

5 gifts to make every day Mother's Day

Not saying we don't love a quality truffle or hand tied bunch of flowers, but this year we want Mother's Day to have some longevity. Yes, we want it to feel like Mother's Day every day.   So here's our top 5 things to cut the inevitable household admin and take the grief out of everyday life for everyone.

A cure for knickers on the radiator

Last weekend I got shouted at by Harry because his football kit wasn’t dry for a match.  I’d hung it on the radiator all night but it was still damp.  “You’ve had all week to get it ready” he moaned. Not anymore. Yesterday, a friend recommended the Lakeland heated clothes drier.  This is my big ticket item - it comes in at a hefty £80 but I’m so worth it – and it sounds like it is too.  Not having to use the tumble drier any more, no more piles of festering damp clothes, virtually no more ironing - what’s not to love?

The perfect solution to sceentime meltdowns

TimeTokens. If you have a 5-10 year old and you don’t have a pack of TimeTokens to keep your home calm, happy and avoid those post screentime meltdowns – get some!  OK, I know Harry and I invented them, but they really do work brilliantly (over 100 x 5 star reviews and counting).  For the last 2 years, Harry and I haven’t had as much as a cross word about how much time he spends on screens as he can’t go over our agreed limit thanks to the Promise Contract.  At only £14.95 incl free p&p it’s a no-brainer www.timetokens.com also available on Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com

Cooking without chaos … or piles of washing up

Now this is something I have invested in and I love it, especially for the Winter months. For multi tasking mums and time conscious cooks, a slow cooker makes cooking so easy and hassle free.  It really is just a case of slinging all the ingredients in and then deciding what time you want to eat and let the cooker work it’s magic. Ok it’s more of a winter cheat but definitely worth a big hint - and it won’t break the bank.  John Lewis have a great selection.

No more sewing or loosing stuff

The @thelondonmummy reviewed Ohh lalabels fabulous sticky's last year and I recommended them to friends - all of whom have raved about them.  Rather than spending hours ironing or sewing on labels give these babies a go - and not just for your kids stuff, you can label pretty much ANYTHING!  I've also heard that stikins are great too. 

The ultimate luxury

So now you’ve have happier calmer children (no more screentime rows), can whip up a scrummy dinner with your slow cooker, don’t have to spend hours drying, ironing or sewing you have more YOU time!  What better way to congratulate yourself on being such an awesome mummy than sparking some candles, loading Detox on Sonos and sinking into a heavenly scented bath of luxury Epsom Salts, i have my eye on the Molton Brown Seamoss Stress Reliving Hydrosoak but Peter Jones have a great selection too .

Ahhh Happy Mother’s day!

  • Post author
    Amanda Bucknall

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