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  • Time Tokens "cut battles over screentime"
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    Amanda Bucknall

Time Tokens "cut battles over screentime"

Time Tokens

Review from Health section of Angels & Urchins Summer 2016

With the summer holidays looming we think mum-of-two Amanda Bucknall’s Time Tokens – a new way to help children limit and manage their own screentime – is totally ingenious. Our testers Jasmine (age 7) and Amber (age 11) loved trading in their weekly screentime allowance and using the timer. By sticking to the weekly screentime hours your child gets to use their special Golden Ticket to choose an ‘InG’ activity to do with friends or family such as playing cards or a board game, painting, ice-skating, bike riding etc. I, of course, loved the lack of battles over screentime. It’s easy to pack for the holidays too.

Time Tokens includes seven hours of vouchers from 5 to 60 minutes, an orange timer, a Golden Ticket and, crucially, a parent–child Promise contract.

  • Post author
    Amanda Bucknall

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