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  • Is your child spending too much time on-line?
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    Amanda Bucknall

Is your child spending too much time on-line?

Is your child spending too much time on-line?

Children are watching less television on a traditional square box but spending MORE time on-line!

The Childwise Agency who carry out an annual survey on children’s media habits in the UK have described a “landmark change” in their viewing and this year’s findings are a tipping point with children spending more time on-line than watching traditional TV’s.

There’s also an increase in children owning tablet’s – up 50% on last year. In fact there’s been a massive increase in access to tablet’s which are now owned by 67% of children. You guessed it, i-pads the most popular. For the first time ever tablet’s have out sold laptops and desktops.

Here are the stats:-

3 hours – amount of time 7-16 year old spend on-line every day

4.8 hours – amount of time 15-16 year olds spend on-line every day

2.1 hours – the amount of time spent watching TV every day – down from 3 hours in 2000

60% watch TV via a phone, tablet or laptop

38% do most of their TV viewing on demand


Source: Childwise Monitor report 2016


  • Post author
    Amanda Bucknall

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